Welcome to Conway Borough, Pennsylvania

1208 3rd Avenue, Conway, PA  15027

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm

Secretary's Office   724-869-5550

Emergency dial 911

Police non-emergency  724-869-9530

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Above: "Welcome to Conway" sign donated to the Borough by the Conway Civic Women's Club




Following is a schedule of public meetings to be held by Conway Council and it's appointed boards and committees during 2015.

Council:  A Workshop meeting is held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm.  The Regular monthly meeting is held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm.  All meetings are held in the Conway Volunteer Fire Department Hall on Foote Street.

Planning Commission:  Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Conway Volunteer Fire Department on Foote Street. (subject to having business to conduct).


2016-2017 Refuse Schedule



The Police Department advises Conway residents to keep all vehicles kept outside over night locked in order to prevent thefts by people who may be outside after dark.

The Police Department requests that neighbors be aware of activity in and around any nearby homes that may be for sale or vacant / unoccupied.  There have been significant numbers of thefts of the copper piping from these types of homes around Beaver County.  Please report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 9-1-1.


Duquesne Light is warning customers to be aware of scam artists who may be targeting them.

Several customers have reported receiving calls stating that if payment is not made immediately, their electric service will be terminated the same day. The callers are also directing customers to purchase "pre-paid" type credit cards to pay off the alleged amount, or to pay over the phone. 

Additionally, some customers have reported individuals, posing as utility workers, knocking on their doors claiming to be "from the power company" then attempting to gain access to the home. In these instances, the criminals often work in pairs, with one person distracting the customer while the accomplice steals money and/or valuables in another part of the residence.

"We want the community to be aware that, unfortunately, scam artists are out there, and they may be targeting Duquesne Light customers," said Jane Cuff, director of Customer Contact. "We urge our customers to take suitable precautions to protect themselves from becoming a victim of these scams."

Following are some of the precautions customers may take to guard against scam artists.

Avoiding Phone Scams
•Duquesne Light does not call customers on the day of a scheduled termination for non-payment.
•Duquesne Light does not ask customers to purchase any type of pre-paid cards.
•Never provide credit card or other payment information if unsure if the caller is legitimate.
•Customers unsure if any caller claiming to be from Duquesne Light is legitimate may call 1-888-393-7100 to verify.
•Customers suspecting they may have been targeted by scam artists should contact Duquesne Light and their local police.

Avoiding Door-to-Door Scams
•The vast majority of Duquesne Light's work is external. In those rare instances when an employee may need to enter a customer's home, it would be scheduled in advance.
•Duquesne Light employees wear company ID badges and generally drive vehicles marked with a company logo. Always ask to see the company ID of individuals claiming to be from Duquesne Light.
•Customers who are unsure if someone is actually a Duquesne Light employee should ask the individual to wait outside, then call Duquesne Light at 1-888-393-7100 to verify.
•Customers may inform the individual that it is an inconvenient time, and that they will call Duquesne Light to reschedule the appointment.
•Customers suspecting a scam should not allow the individual to enter their homes. Instead, they should notify Duquesne Light by calling                       
1-888-393-7100 and call their local police. 

Please check back often for updates to the Conway Calendar of Events, News, Government, Public Safety pages, as well as the various Community Organization pages.

Also Check the Conway Recreation Committee page for more information about upcoming events that are Planned.

Click HERE for more information about the NEW Conway Junior Council Person Program


Fireworks Notice

Residents of Conway Borough are reminded that the possession and usage of fireworks is illegal in Pennsylvania.  Anyone who transports into, possesses, uses or sells fireworks within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without permission from the appropriate authorities is subject to criminal and civil penalties. 

Legal fireworks are limited to "ground and hand-held sparkling devices," "novelties" and "toy caps."



Conway Adopts "NIXLE" Community Notification Service

Conway has recently launched a new Community Information Notification Service called “NIXLE” to improve communication with people who live, work, and visit our area.

The system provides a quick, efficient, and secure way to get neighborhood-level information out to community members who voluntarily subscribe to the system. Through NIXLE, Conway will be able to send text message (SMS) and e-mail alerts to all subscribers. Notifications can also be accessed online at NIXLE’s web site,  www.nixle.com  

Click Here for Additional Information and Instructions to Register

                                                                                                    Last Updated 1/14/2011 @ 7:00 PM

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Conway Borough - Junior Council Person Program

At it's August 4, 2010 Meeting, Council adopted a Resolution creating a Junior Council Person Program with the objective to educate and involve the youth of the Borough in the local government. This program is open to High School Juniors and Seniors who are residents of Conway Borough.

Please click here to see Council's Resolution and the Jr. Council Person Application.  



New Conway Website                                         

Welcome to the Conway Borough website!  We developed this site to:

  • Keep you informed with the activities of and within the Borough
  • Provide you with information related to the Borough's functions, and
  • Provide you with another venue to contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

We hope you find this to be an effective tool and we look forward to your suggestions on how it can be improved to meet your needs!   Please check back regularly, as the site continues to grow and have more information available every week.

Conway Borough Council


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Conway is located along State Route 65 and the Ohio River just 25 miles Northwest of Downtown Pittsburgh, and only 30 minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport.  We are convenient to shopping being adjacent to the Northern Lights Shopping Center and only 10 miles from Cranberry Township, and 6.5 miles from the Center Township / Beaver Valley Mall retail corridors.  With the appeal of a turn of the 20th Century small town, Conway combines a mostly residential nature, with the top-rated school district in Beaver County, stable and increasing property values, and the convenience of location to recreational, shopping, and healthcare opportunities.

Conway was incorporated as a Borough within Beaver County, PA on June 20, 1902.

The lands comprising the town of Conway were known as Indian territory until March 12, 1783 when they were set aside as "Depreciation Lands" given by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as payment to soldiers and officers who had served during the Revolutionary War.

John McKee, promoted to the rank of General by George Washington and who had been present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, became the first settler in the area.  For his service in the war, General McKee was awarded 800 acres in New Sewickley Township, from the Ohio River back over the hills 2 miles, including the Crow's Run Valley.

In 1825, McKee sold 230 acres of partially cleared land situated at the lower end of Crow's Run to Michael Conway, a farmer who had recently immigrated from Ireland.  Mr. Conway would eventually found the town which bears his name.  In 1827, the village of Conway became part of Economy Township when that municipality was formed from part of New Sewickley Township.

General McKee used the proceeds from the sale of this land to promote and help to finance the construction of the first Railroad in the area, running from Pittsburgh to Beaver County.  The railroad grew over the years, and at one time the Conway Yards were the busiest automated rail yard in the world.  It continues to operate as a major locomotive repair shop and is the largest freight train classification yard between New York City and Chicago.

Today Conway is a community comprising 1.5 square miles with a population of approximately 2,290.  Conway boasts an Elementary School that is part of the Freedom Area School District, Churches representing 4 denominations, and is home to over 50 businesses of all sizes.  The Borough is governed by a Mayor and 7 member Council, supported by 2 office staff.  Also involved in the operation of the Borough are a Public Works Department, Recreation Board, Planning Commission, Code Enforcement Officer, Zoning Hearing Board, and several other boards & commissions.  The Conway Volunteer Fire Department provides the town with fire protection and are the first responders to fires and incidents at the railroad yard.   The Conway Police Department has 3 full time and a number of part time officers.

We invite you to explore our website and learn about Conway -- a small town with good neighbors who are working together to keep Conway......"Moving Forward"!

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Conway Map

View of Conway from across the Ohio River


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